There was a moment in history when nobody believed chattel slavery would be abolished. I want us to believe we can abolish the P.I.C.

On Sunday, April 2nd we gathered in the Underground Museum’s Purple Garden in Los Angeles and had a conversation.

For the full conversation see video below.

Angela Davis spoke about abolition, a president who can’t read, and the Palestinian struggle. Dignity and Power Now’s Jayda Rasberry shared her experiences from inside, how they’ve shaped her desire to help, and why we must support incarcerated women. Black Lives Matter Canada’s Janaya Khan let us know anti-Black racism is alive in Canada, but is facing growing and unstoppable opposition – opposition that recently succeeded in banning police from Toronto’s Pride Parade. And Anthony Ratcliff from Black Lives Matter LA challenged law enforcement’s wider reputation and imagined new strategies to abolish the LAPD. We all dreamt, strategized, and bathed in sunlight and community.

This was a first in the series of community conversations I will be presenting. Stay tuned.

Full conversation: