Black Lives Matter Wins Global Peace Prize

Black Lives Matter is in the news, but fortunately in this instance not for yet another Black life needlessly lost. The founders of the movement’s formal organization have been awarded a global peace prize.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice honors frontline activism

“How many people here have been tear gassed?” out ESPN/CNN contributor LZ Granderson asked the audience at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice’s fourth annual Fueling the Frontlines Awards. The question might have seemed jarring at any other LGBT fundraiser.

One City One Pride: A Month of Art, Theater, Film and Activities

The city of West Hollywood’s One City One Pride offers an entire month of art, theater, films and activities, many of which are free, surrounding the annual gay pride festivities happening the weekend of June 9-11.

Black Lives Matter Just Won Sydney Peace Prize. It’s Time To Stop Calling It A Hate Group.

Awarding the founding members the Sydney Peace Prize affirms the goals and the work accomplished by BLM so far have been crucial to any modern peace-building initiative. The founders of The Black Lives Matter Movement – Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi – will be receiving the Sydney Peace Prize.

It was quite a week for toxic masculinity | Jessica Valenti

If there was ever a week to remind you how much toxic masculinity underpins the Republican party – this was it. Trump pushed Montenegro’s prime minister (complete with self-satisfied smirk) and Montana’s newest congressional representative won his seat despite having assaulted a Guardian reporter – a move Rush Limbaugh lauded as “manly”.

Freedom Lecture: Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors – VrijheidslezingChinoutv | Chinoutv

Livestream 2016-12-20 – in english – Patrisse Cullors, mede-oprichter van Black Lives Matter, houdt samen met Janaya Khan, medeoprichter van Black Lives Matter Toronto, de 15e Vrijheidslezing in De Balie. Patrisse Cullors is kunstenaar, activist en vrijheidsstrijder. Janaya Khan is spreker, schrijver en activist.

Patrisse Cullors and Robert Ross – The Spiritual Work of Black Lives Matter by On Being Studios

Black Lives Matter co-founder and artist Patrisse Cullors presents a luminous vision of the spiritual core of Black Lives Matter and a resilient world in the making. She joins Dr. Robert Ross, a physician and philanthropist on the cutting edge of learning how trauma can be healed in bodies and communities.

Black Lives Matter founders to be awarded 2017 Sydney Peace Prize

Black Lives Matter founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi will be awarded the Sydney Peace Prize in November. The prize, which has been awarded since 1998, is Australia’s international peace prize. The three women began Black Lives Matter in 2013 with the social media hashtag #BlackLivesMatter after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black Florida teenager.

Black Lives Matter Honored With ‘Peace Prize’

Black Lives Matter is set to receive a “peace award” to highlight the group’s work to bring about change in a non-violent way, a foundation announced Monday. The Sydney Peace Foundation will give the award to the movement’s founders Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza in November, reports the Guardian.

Black Lives Matter gets the global recognition it deserves

It’s a modern-day civil rights movement that has firm roots in the African-American community, but Black Lives Matter has deservedly received international recognition. Namely in Australia, where the Black Lives Matter Global Network has been awarded this year’s Sydney Peace Prize, which recognises “leading global voices that promote peace, justice and nonviolence.”

Black Lives Matter Just Became The First Movement To Win Sydney’s Peace Prize

“Imagine if we actually lived in a world where black lives matter. What would it look like, what would it take?” The organisers of the Sydney Peace Prize have announced that this year’s recipient is the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Black Lives Matter: ‘We’re trying to re-imagine humanity’ – Behind the Lines podcast

Calla Wahlquist talks to Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Australian activist Latoya Rule, whose brother Wayne Morrison died in custody in South Australia last year.

Black Lives Matter awarded 2017 Sydney peace prize

The human rights movement Black Lives Matter has won this year’s Sydney peace prize. The movement, which was founded in the US by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2012 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin, will be honoured in Sydney in November.

2017 Black Lives Matter

For the Founders, Black Lives Matter Network is not ‘just ‘ about extrajudicial killings and police reform. Rather, it is an intervention: Black Lives Matter demands that American society reconsider how it values black lives by identifying where and how black life is cut short by the state, whether in viral videos of police brutality, the self-fulfilling prophecy of the criminal justice system, or in areas where black communities disproportionally face homelessness, poverty and economic disparity.

Changing The Fabric Of America Will Take All Of Us

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors on the importance of embracing identity politics, intersectionality and how to propel the movement to protect all Black lives forward. Following the 2016 Presidential election, critics on both sides of the aisle claimed that a focus on “identity politics” resulted in the election of Donald Trump.

Sheriff David Clarke is a dangerous bigot. He must be resisted at every turn | Patrisse Cullors

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee – a firebrand who has called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist” and “hate” group – announced this week that he will be serving as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Partnership and Engagement. The Department of Homeland Security has yet to confirm the appointment.

Some Advice to the ‘Newly Woke’ on Joining the Resistance

Reaching thousands of people online and an exuberant live audience at Twitter’s headquarters in New York, actress America Ferrera and invited a panel of activists to discuss how to resist and organize in our new political reality.

25,000 People Just Watched America Ferrera Encourage a Culture of Activism

The day after the election, Patrisse Cullors was ready to leave. Cullors, a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, had a new baby and was deeply concerned about how the incoming Trump administration would affect her family’s safety. After a couple of weeks, though, she was ready to fight back.

In the Age of Trump, BLM Pivots to Local Politics and Joins the Majority

May 4, 2017; Washington Post Black Lives Matter activists say the movement has entered a new phase where the strategic focus is policy change, particularly at the local level. The movement launched in 2012 after the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida as an ideological and political intervention to affirm the lives of Black people.

Groups raise $20,000 bail for ‘National Mama’s Bail Out Day’ and mother of 6 –

Three community groups pooled their resources and came up with $20,000 bail to allow a mother of six to spend Mother’s Day with her children, the groups’ spokeswoman said Saturday. The effort by The Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), Dignity and Power Now (DPN), and a New Way of Life was a part of a nationwide campaign called National Mama’s Bail Out Day, said the group’s spokeswoman Jasmyne Cannick.

The killing of Jordan Edwards shows again how black males – even children – are viewed as a threat

The car drove away from the high school house party, down a street in a Dallas suburb dotted with single-level brick homes, when the police officer raised his rifle and fired. A bullet tore through the front passenger window, killing an unarmed 15-year-old: Jordan Edwards.

Female Politicos Gather At Emily’s List Gala

Among those on the list to receive We Are EMILY awards were activists, advocates and organizers. They included Janaye Ingram, Jehmu Green, Patrisse Cullors, Higher Heights founders Glynda Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen, Aisha Moodie Mills, to name a few.

Post-screening Q&A with Patrisse Cullors: “Do Not Resist” by Hammer Museum

Watch Hammer Museum’s Post-screening Q&A with Patrisse Cullors: “Do Not Resist” on Post-screening discussion of “Do Not Resist” with Patrisse Cullors will be livestreamed after the screening, at approximately 9:00pm.