Abolitionist's Handbook

In this handbook, I offer twelve steps on how to practice abolition in your everyday life. Abolition isn't just about dismantling harmful systems, but how we treat each other and how we interact with the world as individuals. I truly believe that applying these  steps to our own lives will help us build the world we deserve: one that is rooted in dignity and collective care. Join me on this abolitionist journey!


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When They Call You a Terrorist

I have been called a “terrorist,” and “a threat to America,” but I believe that sharing personal stories can lead to imperative change. This book is more than just my personal journey, but a reflection on humanity. I recall what it was like to grow up under state violence and how it brought me to the work I do today. I invite you to a deeper look at how protest in the interest of the most vulnerable comes from love.

This adaption of my memoir for young adults includes exclusive photos and journal entries from my past. My hope is that the young adult edition of When They Call You a Terrorist inspires a new generation of activists to organize, mobilize, and fight for their future. The abolitionist future we all deserve.