“What is the impact of not being valued? How do you
measure the loss of what a human being does not receive?”

- Patrisse Cullors

Words Speak Immeasurable Truths

Author and Writer

Sometimes the truth is easiest to express with the written word. Illuminating the truth and challenging complacent messages is an art form in itself — and one that Patrisse wields to create reach with her activism. From multiple articles written for online journals like Prism and HuffPost, Patrisse slings her words wide to reach audiences who can be inspired and informed to create real change. Discover her works as an author as she continues to fight against racial capitalism in her home city of LA – and beyond, to the farthest reaches of America’s marginalized communities.

Patrisse Speaks at Cancel McCarthy Builders for Reform LA Jails


Published Writings


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Published Writings


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