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The Guardian | Effect of Trump’s Election on Black People

Trump’s Election Means More Police Brutality Towards Black People

November 11, 2016. The Guardian. As soon as Donald Trump was elected, Patrisse Cullors foresaw the effects of his presidency on police brutality towards black people. She reflects on a nationwide history of Black communities being terrorized, realizes its potential for only getting worse, and resolves to fight harder than ever.

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The Guardian | Black Votes, Not Lives, Matter to White House Hopefuls

Black Votes Matter to White House Hopefuls, but Not Black Lives

July 19, 2016. The Guardian. As primaries heated up for the 2016 presidential election, Patrisse Cullors reflects on the fact that white house hopefuls are eager to get Black votes, but not support Black lives. Posturing for support isn’t enough; real change needs to become a significant part of candidates’ platforms.

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The Guardian | Black People Killings Part of Larger Structural Issue

The Counted/ The Black People Killed By Police Are Just One Piece of a Larger Structural Problem

June 12, 2015. The Guardian. Chronicling the numbers of Black people killed by police is a step towards forcing law enforcement to become accountable for police officer misconduct. But that’s only part of the equation: we also have to disrupt the system and social dialog that continues to encourage brutalization of Black communities. 

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Teen Vogue | BLM Co-founder Looks Back on Six-Year Anniversary

Black Lives Matter Co-founder Patrisse Cullors On Its Six-Year Anniversary

July 17, 2019. Teen Vogue. Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, looks back on the six-year anniversary of the abolitionist organization. She speaks about what inspired her to co-found BLM with Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza, and how the movement continues to lead the fight against the tyrannical racist system.

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Complex | Natural-Born Leader: Stacey Abrams

Natural-Born Leader: Stacey Abrams on Racism in Health Care, Trump’s Lies, and Fighting for the People

May 07, 2020. Complex. Patrisse interviewed Stacey Abrams in an article for the online magazine, Complex. Stacey has been an accomplished politician, tax attorney, author, and co-founder of a nourishing beverage company for infants — and she has always been a powerful voice for Black people. Patrisse sat down with her for an interview on the state of the nation as it is now and how we only have one recourse at this point: to keep fighting. 

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Los Angeles Times | LA County Is Behind in Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform Is Sweeping the Country. But Not L.A. County.

February 27, 2019. Los Angeles Times. Calls for criminal justice reform are occurring throughout California and the nation, with many locally-elected prosecutors supporting the fight for more fair justice systems. However, in LA County, top prosecutor and District Attorney Jackey Lacey, still hasn’t given in to voter requests. She has also opposed other key reforms, such as ending cash bail, that could refocus the criminal justice system from being wealth-centered to safety-centered. This op-ed serves as a plea to DA Lacey to step up her leadership and bring safety and fairness to Black communities in her county. 

Chicago Torture Justice Center

Prism | Chicago Black Victims Still Waiting for Real Justice

In Chicago, a Victory for Police Torture Survivors Has Turned Into a Long Wait

December 19, 2019. Our Prism. Chicago, like many cities in the nation, has a history with miscategorizing Black children as adults, and killing or torturing them in the streets, robbing them of their childhood.  Black communities have been trying to establish reparations since 2004, and only recently has the city begun to respond. 

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The Guardian | Black Lives Matter in Australia

Black Lives Matter in Australia: Wherever Black People Are, There Is Racism – and Resistance

November 01, 2017. The Guardian. Black Lives Matter is not confined to America. Wherever there are Black people, there is racism. Patrisse Cullors and Rodney Diverlus write about their time in Australia and how they are encouraging the government to support the rights of the country’s native people and Black population. 

Measure R, LA prisons, mental illness advocacy

CNN Opinion | LA Watershed Moment for Mental Illness Advocacy

Los Angeles’ Watershed Moment for Mental Illness Advocacy

March 17, 2020. CNN Opinion. Jails have increasingly become responsible for caring for those with mental illness. The mentally ill, especially those in Black communities, should be able to seek real mental health facilities for treatment instead of cold, brutal prison walls. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg and Patrisse Cullors team up in this op-ed to talk about the recently-passed Measure R, how it now enables the LA County sheriff to safely reduce the jail population, and how California is inspiring the entire country to create change.