"I was trained within a black radical tradition that encouraged struggle within our own movements because it sharpens collective analysis - bringing us closer to the tools we need to achieve liberation."

- Patrisse Cullors


United, We Are Powerful

Patrisse sees the talents and visions of others and recognizes she can only establish greater impact by collaborating with other activists. From co-writing Good Trouble episodes for Freeform to teaming up with singer Pharell Williams to launch an Adidas campaign that focuses on women’s rights, Patrisse believes strength comes from numbers. Here’s a handful of her most recent collaborations. Check out our latest news to stay current with her collaborative efforts.

ComplexCon, a BLM global network and art show curated by Patrisse.



Featured Collaborations

'Good Trouble' Consultant and Co-Writer (2019-20)

Patrisse consulted on Season 1 and 2 of the Freeform series. She appeared in the Season 1 finale and co-wrote the Season 2 finale. She is currently writing for the third season.

PBS Documentary Film 'Bedlam' (2020)

Patrisse collaborated with filmmaker Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD in 'Bedlam', a film that uncovers the treatment of the mentally ill in LA County prisons, including Patrisse's own brother, Monte.

Crenshaw Dairy Mart (Est. 2019)

Patrisse Cullors, Alexandre Dorriz, and Noé Olivas are dedicated to shifting the trauma-induced conditions of injustice through art.

Pharell Williams and Adidas Original Campaign (2019)

Musical artist Pharrell Williams partnered with Adidas Originals for a new campaign that champions women's rights. He collaborated with influential women like Patrisse, Reggie Yates, and Syd.