Five years ago, Patrisse Khan-Cullors gave a name to a movement that would go on to spark a national conversation and demand a place on the global stage.


Giving Advocacy a Megaphone

Challenging traditional dialogues and making substantial changes in the police and prison state don’t come from art and words alone. You have to impart these concepts to others, so they can continue the ripple of change. Patrisse is a speaker, motivator, and educator; a megaphone for the voiceless as she teaches others to organize and mobilize activism. This page features her work as a speaker. Make sure you check back with her blog for updates on speaking and educator engagements.

Credit: Wendell Teodoro

Patrisse Cullors speaks at the Sydney Peace Prize BLM Lecture at Sydney Town Hall.

Inspiring Education

Prescott College Social And Environmental Arts Practice (MFA)

Patrisse developed and teaches the Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program at Prescott University in Prescott, AZ. Drawing on her own extensive experiences as an organizer and artist, she works to help students intersect art and activism to lead the charge in the ongoing fight for racial equality.

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