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Prism | Civil Rights History Inspiring Criminal Justice Reform & Measure R

Selma to LA: How Civil Rights History Inspired Criminal Justice Reform and Measure R

February 25, 2020. Our Prism. Measure R was passed in California in March of 2020, allowing mentally ill Black people to receive medical care and not the unfair torture of incarceration. Patrisse delves into how civil rights history inspired a movement that only continues to grow among nationwide Black communities oppressed by the police and prison states.

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Los Angeles Times | LA County Is Behind in Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform Is Sweeping the Country. But Not L.A. County.

February 27, 2019. Los Angeles Times. Calls for criminal justice reform are occurring throughout California and the nation, with many locally-elected prosecutors supporting the fight for more fair justice systems. However, in LA County, top prosecutor and District Attorney Jackey Lacey, still hasn’t given in to voter requests. She has also opposed other key reforms, such as ending cash bail, that could refocus the criminal justice system from being wealth-centered to safety-centered. This op-ed serves as a plea to DA Lacey to step up her leadership and bring safety and fairness to Black communities in her county. 

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The Appeal Political Report | Expansion of US Jails System Must End

Expansion of Largest Jails System in the US Must End

January 23, 2019. The Appeal Political Report. Los Angeles County is home to the country’s largest jail system, with roughly 17,000 people held behind bars. These incarcerated communities are often subjected to abhorrent conditions, and many are pre-trial, meaning they are still innocent. Patrisse Cullors teams up with Lex Steppling in this article that explores the conditions inmates experience in the LA jail system and what needs to happen to end this decades-long legacy of brutality.