October 2

Patrisse Cullors Presents Empowering Malcolm Revisited Performance Piece Exclusively on REDCAT


Malcolm Revisited

Patrisse Cullors curated Malcolm Revisited, a tribute to freedom fighter Malcolm X. This live performance piece explores the life, legacy, and impact of this iconic historical figure, as well as his influence on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Featuring powerful retrospectives from Patrisse Cullors, Aaryn Lang, and Brayan Gonzalez, the performance explores Malcolm’s effect on each person individually as well as collectively.

#BlackLivesMatter has pushed the country to have a new conversation about what it means to protect Black lives. Art allows for conversations to happen across generations, gender, race and ability. This piece served as a contribution to #BlackLivesMatter, Malcolm X, and the past and current freedom fighters in this movement.

Patrisse Cullors on set for Malcolm Revisited (photo by Alexandre Dorriz)

Malcolm Revisited builds upon a 2016 video work in which Cullors responds to Malcom X’s “The Ballot or The Bullet,” his legendary 1964 speech urging Black Americans to vote when President Lyndon Johnson was running for reelection. As Cullors observes, “Our visionary Brother Malcolm saw the vote as a tactic in the larger strategy for freedom.”


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Cullors relies on art to reflect social spaces in ways that words fall flat, and she thrives on speaking out through art alongside other inspiring creators. Malcolm Revisited serves as a contribution to #BlackLivesMatter, Malcolm X, and the past and current freedom fighters in this movement for justice.


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Join us this Friday for an exclusive drive-in premiere at the Shrine auditorium presented by local artist collective, Trap Heals. RSVP for the drive-in experience or catch the livestream on October 2-3 on REDCAT’s website.

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Friday 10/2 8PM – Saturday 10/3 8PM

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