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Prism | Civil Rights History Inspiring Criminal Justice Reform & Measure R

Selma to LA: How Civil Rights History Inspired Criminal Justice Reform and Measure R

February 25, 2020. Our Prism. Measure R was passed in California in March of 2020, allowing mentally ill Black people to receive medical care and not the unfair torture of incarceration. Patrisse delves into how civil rights history inspired a movement that only continues to grow among nationwide Black communities oppressed by the police and prison states.

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Prism | An Inside Look at Incarcerated Communities Bracing for COVID-19

Incarcerated People Are Bracing for COVID-19: Q&A with a Woman Whose Brother Is On the Inside

March 20, 2020. Our Prism. On the heels of Measure R passing in the state of California, Patrisse Cullors interviews a woman whose brother is still incarcerated, with COVID-19 raging within jails. Forced within prison walls, many with minor offences are facing COVID-induced death sentences.

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Prism | Chicago Black Victims Still Waiting for Real Justice

In Chicago, a Victory for Police Torture Survivors Has Turned Into a Long Wait

December 19, 2019. Our Prism. Chicago, like many cities in the nation, has a history with miscategorizing Black children as adults, and killing or torturing them in the streets, robbing them of their childhood.  Black communities have been trying to establish reparations since 2004, and only recently has the city begun to respond. 

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Our Prism | Prioritizing Healing Through Art During COVID-19

Prioritizing Healing Through Art During COVID-19: Q&A with Cultural Architect Damon Turner

April 30, 2020. Our Prism. Patrisse and art curator Autumn Breon Williams met with cultural architect Damon Turner for an interview on art and its impact on the pandemic (and visa versa) in Patrisse’s Prism series on conversations about the impact of COVID-19 on artists. Damon is a multi-hyphenate artist and opens up about his initial thoughts about the coronavirus, how he has reimagined the impact of his art, and how history seems to be repeating itself in terms of classism and power.

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Our Prism | New PBS Doc ‘Bedlam’ Shows Prisons’ Treatment of Mentally Ill

New PBS Documentary, ‘Bedlam,’ Spotlights How People with Mental Illness Are Funneled into Prisons

April 13, 2020. Our Prism. COVID-19 has highlighted the existence of a pandemic, and it’s not the novel coronavirus. A virus that has festered for far too long is how the prison system treats the mentally ill, and this PBS documentary could not have aired at a better time to help the country move forward into change. Patrisse Cullors and her previously incarcerated brother Monte (who has lived with schizophrenia for his adult life) are documented in this film directed by Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg. 

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Our Prism | The Role of Art and Music During a Pandemic

The Role of Art and Music During a Pandemic: Q&A with Grammy-Nominated Artist Nana Kwabena

April 29, 2020. Our Prism. Patrisse and art curator Autumn Breon Williams sat down with grammy-nominated artist Nana Kwabena to discuss how musical artists are expressing themselves during these strange times and why art in general is so essential to getting by in this current world. As part of an Our Prism series that focuses on multidisciplinary artists who approach their work in a way that focuses on movement-building, Nana speaks up about how he uses his music as a tool to unify the African continent and its worldwide dispersion of communities. He also talks about why music is more important now than ever and how it informs his ongoing activism.