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The Guardian | Abolitionists Still Have Work to Do in America

Abolitionists Still Have Work to Do in America

July 30, 2017. The Guardian. The term “abolitionist” may have historic roots but it’s just as relevant today as it was during the Civil War. In fact, abolitionists are likely more important now than they have ever been. Patrisse Cullors takes a look at why some steps towards emancipation have been made, but Black people are far from being free.

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The Guardian | Effect of Trump’s Election on Black People

Trump’s Election Means More Police Brutality Towards Black People

November 11, 2016. The Guardian. As soon as Donald Trump was elected, Patrisse Cullors foresaw the effects of his presidency on police brutality towards black people. She reflects on a nationwide history of Black communities being terrorized, realizes its potential for only getting worse, and resolves to fight harder than ever.

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The Guardian | Black Votes, Not Lives, Matter to White House Hopefuls

Black Votes Matter to White House Hopefuls, but Not Black Lives

July 19, 2016. The Guardian. As primaries heated up for the 2016 presidential election, Patrisse Cullors reflects on the fact that white house hopefuls are eager to get Black votes, but not support Black lives. Posturing for support isn’t enough; real change needs to become a significant part of candidates’ platforms.

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The Guardian | Black People Killings Part of Larger Structural Issue

The Counted/ The Black People Killed By Police Are Just One Piece of a Larger Structural Problem

June 12, 2015. The Guardian. Chronicling the numbers of Black people killed by police is a step towards forcing law enforcement to become accountable for police officer misconduct. But that’s only part of the equation: we also have to disrupt the system and social dialog that continues to encourage brutalization of Black communities. 

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Teen Vogue | BLM Co-founder Looks Back on Six-Year Anniversary

Black Lives Matter Co-founder Patrisse Cullors On Its Six-Year Anniversary

July 17, 2019. Teen Vogue. Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, looks back on the six-year anniversary of the abolitionist organization. She speaks about what inspired her to co-found BLM with Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza, and how the movement continues to lead the fight against the tyrannical racist system.

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The Guardian | Black Lives Matter in Australia

Black Lives Matter in Australia: Wherever Black People Are, There Is Racism – and Resistance

November 01, 2017. The Guardian. Black Lives Matter is not confined to America. Wherever there are Black people, there is racism. Patrisse Cullors and Rodney Diverlus write about their time in Australia and how they are encouraging the government to support the rights of the country’s native people and Black population. 

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USA Today | Fighting for Eric Garner’s Justice

Eric Garner didn’t get justice in our system. Let’s build one in which others do.

July 17, 2019. USA Today. Eric Garner died at the hands of a police officer choking him on July 17, 2014. Although he pleaded for his life, his death is one more in a rapidly-increasing line-up of proof that the police state needs reform now. 5 years later, in this poignant piece, Patrisse remembers his death and discusses the justice system overhaul that still needs to take place to keep people like Garner safe. 

Fighting for What Matters: Patrisse Cullors’ Approach to Social Justice is Artful and Powerful

Fighting for What Matters: Patrisse Cullors’ Approach to Social Justice is Artful and Powerful

There are a handful of historical women of color whose names we all know due to their bravery and significance as activists. Harriet Tubman. Rosa Parks. Ida B. Wells. Angela Davis. These figures were not alone in their fervor and fight for equality, but their resistance to oppression was so bold they could not be ignored, even if it meant putting themselves in danger to right wrongs against their people and create change. It’s not too far a reach to say that San Fernando Valley native Patrisse Khan-Cullors deserves recognition alongside these iconic social justice figures, or that one day children will be reading about her in history books as they do those powerful women. They should be, anyway.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Leads Campaign To Shut Down ‘Death Trap’ Jails In Los Angeles

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Leads Campaign To Shut Down ‘Death Trap’ Jails In Los Angeles

Black Lives Matter co-founder and Reform L.A. Jails chairperson Patrisse Khan-Cullors is fighting to protect incarcerated individuals in Los Angeles and the rights of people suffering from mental health issues. Recently, Los Angeles County announced a partnership with McCarthy Building Companies, a prison-building contractor, to replace a men’s jail with a new mental health hospital for inmates. While this idea may appear to be a progressive move on paper, in reality, the contract with McCarthy could actually pose a greater threat to both the incarcerated and mentally ill population.